Sunday, April 17, 2011


BIGBANG's TOP action in BIGSHOW 2011

"This is how Tabi protect fans on Bigshow.
According to a fan account, fans just got too excited when the members got closer to their area and kept pushing forward. It was quite dangerous because fans might fall to the gap between balustrade and stage. Plus balustrade were not that fixed because of fans’ craziness. When TOP saw this, he stopped there and supported the balustrade. Meanwhile, he yelled at fans to tell them not to push anymore and just step back. He went back to the stage when the securities came"

BIGBANG is a south-korea boyband whom i adored so much. And on that picture above, TOP (the guy who wears a white suit and white haired) help the fans so that the fans won't get hurt. 
For me, this is so real yet so touching. He's famous and all, but he keeps being humble to his fans by helping them. also in one of BIGBANG's recent interview, he say, "us getting hurt won't be a problem. but it's worrying that the fans might get hurt"
This kind of things make me fall in love deeper with them♥ 

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