Tuesday, December 18, 2012

baby, it's cold outside

hi there,

it's been centuries since I'm posting here. I know I'm a super bad blogger newbie but life has changed a lot these days, well especially for me.

Since August, I'm moving to Vancouver, Canada to pursue my study. After 4 months living here, all I can say is Vancouver is such a nice city (not trying to promote Vancouver but yes, this is such a good city, it goes for the people, environment and the best thing: food, i'll try to make a food post later).

beanie-Forever21, top-h&m, cardigan-topshop, bag-h&m,  leggings-yedina, shoes-Dr. Martens
Even though Vancouver is the warmest place among Canada, but still, because it's December already, it's getting colder and colder. That's why I keep wearing many layers and fully covered from head to toe. And those are my outfits INSIDE a down jacket.

Actually I wore this outfits when I was out with my friends because one of them was leaving Vancouver for good. We went to a riverside, but i didn't took too many pictures. If I get the pictures already, I'll share it here (:

failed a jumping picture in front of the tallest tin soldier
I promise I'll post as soon as possible. Take care guys!


Thursday, June 7, 2012

Just Cavalli resort 2013


probably this is my first time I post about a new collections of a brand. To be honest, I'm not really a fan of Just Cavalli. But when I saw the Resort 2013 pictures....omg, my jaw dropped. They were so beautiful and just perfect for my taste.

Just Cavalli Resort 2013 collections dominated by irresistible prints, prints, prints and a mixed of pretty dresses and hats (which i really liked!). And lately, I really love printed dresses; or any outfits. even tough I love all of the collections, these are my favorite looks : 

#1 favorite. look at that fabulous print on a high-split dress, and that hat!
loving the mixed-print!

love the tiger-floral mixed prints!

 source : fashionising.com

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

eyewear(s) addiction

lately, i have a HUGE interest to eyewears; or glasses to be simply. and recently, i bought some new glasses, tee-hee. 

actually i still have A LOT of "eyewear-wish-list". hehe. here they are : 

1. round sunnies
image by chictopia

2. Grafik:Plastic sunnies/glasses
image by pardonmyaddiction.com

you may never heard about Grafik:Plastic. they're a Korean brand and to be honest, i know this brand from BIGBANG; they usually wear Grafik:Plastic's sunnies. so because of them i know this brand and instantly love with the design. and the interesting part is, we can modify the glasses as we want (: too bad they don't have any store outside Korea and they can't ship worldwide ): 
YGFamily with Grafik:Plastic sunnies and glasses

have a great day guys~

Saturday, April 21, 2012


now i'm FREE from all tests and assignments and tasks and whatever-you-call-it on high school! 

i finished my final government exam yesterday, which is April 19th. and now, i'm free as a bird~ i promise i'll take care my blog more and more now (: 

top-gaudi, bottom-forever21, glasses-unbranded
and i'm super excited about summer now!! and those outfits just make me want summer to come as soon as possible! you'll find out later why i'm so excited about summer *wink 

bonus! my sis asked me to post the photo below as well because she said that i'm weirdly funny in that picture. (wth i'm doing there actually lol) 

anyway i just be active again on instagram (i made an account since last year i guess, but i never use that lol) so if you have one, please kindly follow me @jeshar (: 

have a great day guys~

Thursday, April 5, 2012


hi everyone! 

what are you up to now? i'm having my easter break-for 2 school days. but it's not even a holiday for me, because the in the next 2 weeks, i'll have my final government exam and it scares me to death. actually i want to do an outfit post today, but my brother snatched my camera away ): so to fill my time, i just play with my make-ups. 

for me, i don't always use mae-up to make myself prettier, but sometimes to make me looks sillier. lol. so this is what i did today : 

notice something? yes, i color my eyebrows into green and made a heart-shapped lips (:

eyebrows: using bodyshop's green eyeliner, eyeshadow: etude,
eyeliner : sephora+bodyshop, mascara: etude , lipstick : mac + nyx
to be honest, TOP from BIGBANG is inspiring me to do this green eyebrows. he has green eyebrows in Fantastic Baby MV, the latest BIGBANG MV. 
TOP in Fantastic Baby MV
and he's such a brave guy! after he dyed his eyebrows in green (for his green hair, he permanently did it lol), once he dyed his eyebrows into hot pink! 
TOP in SBS inkigayo performance.
and the most important thing, he still looks super awesome in a weird eyebrows! how awesome is that? :D 
have a great day everyone!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

#KONY2012 (giveaway!)

hi there! i can't believe that it is the 1st day of april already! looks like 2012 runs so fast, huh? and in 2 weeks, i'm gonna face my last national exam which scare me to death. hopefully i can prepare myself to face this final national exam. 

anyway, i believe you all know about Joseph Kony right? yes, he's world #1 worst criminal whom kidnap kids in Uganda and forced the boys to join his LRA while the girls used as sex slave. for this kind of thing, to be honest, i can't stand still. so i made my move on 15th March to order their action kit here. they shipped mine on 21st March and it arrives in my place on 31st March! 

a glimpse of what inside the box : 

the box

what's inside the box
KONY2012 pin - 2pcs KONY2012 bracelet - a t-shirt
- KONY2012 action guide - KONY2012 stickers 

10 KONY2012 posters
It's giveaway time! as you know, i got 2 bracelets in the box (yes, it supposed to come in 2; one for the buyer and another one is for anybody whom willing to promote this project). so, i'm gonna do a giveaway for a bracelet and 4 posters! (restricted for indonesian only). 

how to get this? 

1. leave a comment in this post about "what's your opinion about KONY2012 and what have you did to promote Kony and his crime?" in my comment section with this format : 
name : 
location : 
email : 
answer : 

2. leave the comment before 20th April 2012
3. wait for the announcement on 22nd April 2012, i'll email the winner directly (:

note : * it's all free! you don't even have to pay for the shipping fee!
           ** IF you win, you must promise me to stick these posters around and send me pictures to prove that you did it! 

good luck and thank you for participating!!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

under the sea~

hi there! 

again, sorry for the lack of posts. i'm just getting near and nearer to my national exam and it's kinda freaking me out :x 
anyway, as you all know, Indonesia just held their first Indonesian Fashion Week 2012. honestly, i got an invitation but too bad, because i had another appointment, i canceled IFW *sobs. 

a few hours ago, i just browse some websites and i just found out Chanel SS 12 photos, and i'm instantly hooked by the runway! the theme for the show this time is more likely under the sea, mermaids and pearls. 

the runway. sooooo beautiful!

clam-shaped clutch
beside chanel, i spot another designer who used under-the-sea as the concept. 

Mary Katrantzou Spring 2012
and to be honest, i really love her designs and her prints! it's like...an interior on a fabric. another pictures from her SS 12 runway : 

p.s : craving for the blue lipstick! 

loving the tri-color blazer!

and she's collaborating with longchamp this season : 
surprisingly, beside chanel and Mary Kantrazou, many other designers used "underwater world" concept too. named Versace, McQueen, Givenchy, etc.. and i'm not complaining! :D 

have a good day everyone!