Tuesday, December 18, 2012

baby, it's cold outside

hi there,

it's been centuries since I'm posting here. I know I'm a super bad blogger newbie but life has changed a lot these days, well especially for me.

Since August, I'm moving to Vancouver, Canada to pursue my study. After 4 months living here, all I can say is Vancouver is such a nice city (not trying to promote Vancouver but yes, this is such a good city, it goes for the people, environment and the best thing: food, i'll try to make a food post later).

beanie-Forever21, top-h&m, cardigan-topshop, bag-h&m,  leggings-yedina, shoes-Dr. Martens
Even though Vancouver is the warmest place among Canada, but still, because it's December already, it's getting colder and colder. That's why I keep wearing many layers and fully covered from head to toe. And those are my outfits INSIDE a down jacket.

Actually I wore this outfits when I was out with my friends because one of them was leaving Vancouver for good. We went to a riverside, but i didn't took too many pictures. If I get the pictures already, I'll share it here (:

failed a jumping picture in front of the tallest tin soldier
I promise I'll post as soon as possible. Take care guys!


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