Sunday, September 11, 2011

introducing : new crush♥

not much to say, i bet everyone know him too. yes, he is Cameron Mitchell, the guy from "the Glee Project". he is the reason why i watched "the Glee Project" (lol because of him, i love damian and hannah too. the threesome!). for me, he is nearly perfect-as a human being. in this video, he sang "blackbird", this is his newest video in his youtube account. check out his other video and be the same with me-his fangirl!

p.s : i try to keep this post as simple as it can be. if not, this will be a fangirled-post about him haha. anyone with me? (: 


Caroline Robianto said...

everyone seems to be in love with cameron :P

michelle_ said...

<3 <3 cameron !!


Lia said...

haha he is so cute!

Glass of Fashion

Dana said...

he's amazing! <3

stephanie gracia said...

i just give you an award :D check my blog jes.

Anonymous said...

wow cameron mitchell is so phenomenal LOL
my friends can't stop talking about him too
too bad, I can't join the fangirl-ing moment LOL my taste for music has been totally dominated by K-pop

Sick by Trend said...

very cool!! :)