Thursday, September 8, 2011

the runaway!

first of all, sorry for my late update ): i've been so lazy during my holiday. lol. so, in the last 3 days, me and my besties, Stephanie and Anselia went to Singapore. this trip was so sudden, we just booked our plane tickets and hotels in just a week before our departure. but this trip was such a blast! 

on the first day, we went to Bugis street. as usual, we went there to get some meal and shop. i didn't take any picture that day because i was too busy with the things sold there. recommendation : if you go to bugis street, find a stall that sell fried mushroom. it was super delicious :9 

on the next day, we went to universal studio singapore. it was incredible! i went there last year but i didn't ride anything because i'm too scared. but this time, the girls encourage me, so i rode almost all attractions there! it was breathtaking! 
right : in funny hats with Anselia, left : munching on churros with Stephanie
captured the "jumping Anselia" in one take. we rode the roller coaster behind her!
we also took some pictures with the universal  studio characters. i met my favorite, Frankenstein and Marilyn Monroe<3 and our favorite, the only kungfu panda, Po!

on the last day, we went to Orchard. we went to the newly-opened H&M store (just opened in singapore on September 3rd). we queue for about 30minutes before the store opened, and believe me, there are more than 50 people who queue with us! but it all worth to queue, i got amazing stuffs there! 
i saw some F1 ads alongside orchard road. those ads also feature the artists that gonna perform there. and guess whose one of those performer? it's GD&TOP&SEUNGRI!! too bad i can't watch them. and the worse thing is, i keep sawing those ads ): 
singaporean, you are very lucky.
and i saw these posters near the St. Andrew Cathedral in City Hall.
they're inspiring me (,:
that's all about me and my girlfriends sudden trip. back from this trip means school is waiting for me ),: anyway, you can check out more photos in my facebook. (i'll provide the link after i upload those photos). hope you had a great holiday too!


princessmicah said...

wow! now i'm so looking forward to to go SG next month! :D

Ivy Sie said...

Cute pictures!! This post makes me want to go to sg :/

et.girl said...

great photos! i miss singapore :(
check out my blog too if ud like:
xoxo, ET