Sunday, April 1, 2012

#KONY2012 (giveaway!)

hi there! i can't believe that it is the 1st day of april already! looks like 2012 runs so fast, huh? and in 2 weeks, i'm gonna face my last national exam which scare me to death. hopefully i can prepare myself to face this final national exam. 

anyway, i believe you all know about Joseph Kony right? yes, he's world #1 worst criminal whom kidnap kids in Uganda and forced the boys to join his LRA while the girls used as sex slave. for this kind of thing, to be honest, i can't stand still. so i made my move on 15th March to order their action kit here. they shipped mine on 21st March and it arrives in my place on 31st March! 

a glimpse of what inside the box : 

the box

what's inside the box
KONY2012 pin - 2pcs KONY2012 bracelet - a t-shirt
- KONY2012 action guide - KONY2012 stickers 

10 KONY2012 posters
It's giveaway time! as you know, i got 2 bracelets in the box (yes, it supposed to come in 2; one for the buyer and another one is for anybody whom willing to promote this project). so, i'm gonna do a giveaway for a bracelet and 4 posters! (restricted for indonesian only). 

how to get this? 

1. leave a comment in this post about "what's your opinion about KONY2012 and what have you did to promote Kony and his crime?" in my comment section with this format : 
name : 
location : 
email : 
answer : 

2. leave the comment before 20th April 2012
3. wait for the announcement on 22nd April 2012, i'll email the winner directly (:

note : * it's all free! you don't even have to pay for the shipping fee!
           ** IF you win, you must promise me to stick these posters around and send me pictures to prove that you did it! 

good luck and thank you for participating!!

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Rin Handika said...

Woow really nice give away!
Maybe if you want we can follow each other? <3