Thursday, April 5, 2012


hi everyone! 

what are you up to now? i'm having my easter break-for 2 school days. but it's not even a holiday for me, because the in the next 2 weeks, i'll have my final government exam and it scares me to death. actually i want to do an outfit post today, but my brother snatched my camera away ): so to fill my time, i just play with my make-ups. 

for me, i don't always use mae-up to make myself prettier, but sometimes to make me looks sillier. lol. so this is what i did today : 

notice something? yes, i color my eyebrows into green and made a heart-shapped lips (:

eyebrows: using bodyshop's green eyeliner, eyeshadow: etude,
eyeliner : sephora+bodyshop, mascara: etude , lipstick : mac + nyx
to be honest, TOP from BIGBANG is inspiring me to do this green eyebrows. he has green eyebrows in Fantastic Baby MV, the latest BIGBANG MV. 
TOP in Fantastic Baby MV
and he's such a brave guy! after he dyed his eyebrows in green (for his green hair, he permanently did it lol), once he dyed his eyebrows into hot pink! 
TOP in SBS inkigayo performance.
and the most important thing, he still looks super awesome in a weird eyebrows! how awesome is that? :D 
have a great day everyone!