Saturday, April 21, 2012


now i'm FREE from all tests and assignments and tasks and whatever-you-call-it on high school! 

i finished my final government exam yesterday, which is April 19th. and now, i'm free as a bird~ i promise i'll take care my blog more and more now (: 

top-gaudi, bottom-forever21, glasses-unbranded
and i'm super excited about summer now!! and those outfits just make me want summer to come as soon as possible! you'll find out later why i'm so excited about summer *wink 

bonus! my sis asked me to post the photo below as well because she said that i'm weirdly funny in that picture. (wth i'm doing there actually lol) 

anyway i just be active again on instagram (i made an account since last year i guess, but i never use that lol) so if you have one, please kindly follow me @jeshar (: 

have a great day guys~


Sera said...

oh girl you're so cute! i love that top too :) you pose in really funny way, teehee :D

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Haha so cute! =) X

stephanie gracia said...

nice lok jie! love the mix of colors!